Artificial Grass Putting Greens

Why You Should Choose Artificial Grass

Guest post is provided by Artificial Turf Supply.  If you’re interested in artificial residential turf, make sure to check out their website.    There are so many great reasons to choose artificial grass over real grass.  Artificial grass is a wonderful option if you’re interested in a beautiful lawn, but you don’t want to spend a lot of time and resources with the upkeep.  Here are some... [Read more]

Create an Indoor Putting Green with Artificial Grass

Get easy tips on how to design and create an indoor putting green with artificial grass. Written by Artificial Turf Supply Indoor putting greens are becoming popular activities in homes and offices around the country. Many homeowners have installed putting greens in their backyards and recreation rooms, while many businesses owners have installed them in executive offices or company game rooms. An... [Read more]

The Benefits of Indoor Putting Greens

Learn why many homeowners and businesses have created indoor putting greens. Written by Artificial Turf Supply A putting green doesn’t have to be limited to the great outdoors. While most putting greens are connected to outdoor golf courses, a putting green can also be created to be used indoors. Indoor putting greens are being built all over the country as more homeowners and businesses want the... [Read more]

Reasons to Buy Synthetic Turf for Golf

Written by Artificial Turf Supply Fake grass is a popular landscaping solution for homeowners and business owners around the country. But this cost-effective alternative to natural grass isn’t limited to residential and commercial projects alone. Another industry that has been using fake grass in abundance is the sports industry. Athletic facilities for sports such as soccer, football, rugby, and... [Read more]

The Inside Scoop on Artificial Grass Prices

Is artificial grass worth the investment? Get the lowdown on artificial grass prices for various projects. Written by Artificial Turf Supply Artificial grass has become a popular product for many different projects. Homeowners and businesses use it as a cost-effective and beautiful landscaping solution. Schools and sports facilities rely on synthetic turf to create durable athletic fields, while golf... [Read more]

Upgrade an Apartment Building with Artificial Grass

Learn how to add value and beauty to your apartment building by using artificial grass. Written by Artificial Turf Supply Do you own an apartment building? Maintaining an apartment building requires a lot of time and money. Property owners must regularly maintain not only the inside of the units, but also keep the outside looking updated and pristine. If the exterior of your apartment building needs... [Read more]